10 Foods That Can Stand in the Way of Weight Loss, and What 3 Foods to Never Eat

Some foods may initially seem harmless but they can have dangerous side effects. They don’t seem to pose any threat but they tend to quietly cause heart disease cholesterol problems and more. Some are even full of mercury. Hope this list of foods you don’t believe is causing problems opens up your eyes because it does open our eyes.

We’re total foodies at Bontis and this compilation of foods we should avoid to lose weight has us taking a closer look at our own diets.

1. Pasta

weight loss

Pasta is a high-carbohydrate food. Carbohydrates may be fine but when eaten in large amounts it can cause several problems. For example a study of 117,366 people showed that high carbohydrate intake increases the risk of heart disease. It also raises blood sugar levels which is why we’re told we need to A balanced amount of carbohydrates especially if we want to lose weight.

2. Animal protein

weight loss

Even though animal protein is an important part of everyone’s diet it’s not the only thing you need to eat. Eggs milk meat etc. are essential for everyone. However too much is always a bad sign. Too much animal protein can cause problems.

Animal protein is high in phosphorus which can lead to kidney and bone complications. Given that meats are so much heavier than vegetables or fruits they can place a considerable burden on our kidneys. Our kidneys take a while to filter so we overload them so better Avoid eating too much of this food.

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