How To Change Auto Insurance Companies

How to cancel an old car insurance policy

Usually all you need to do to cancel an auto insurance policy is to notify your insurance company in writing specifying the date you wish to cancel the policy. In some states the new agent must notify the previous agent of the policy change. Some auto insurance companies require policyholders to send Returns the actual printed policy. The insurance company will send a cancellation request form which needs to be signed and returned. Check the form carefully to make sure all information about the policy is correct. If you do not receive the form within two weeks of sending your letter please call The agency or company immediately checks the status of the cancellation. Don’t abandon the old policy without officially canceling it. Every state requires auto insurance policy cancellations and notices so insurers may assume they want to continue insurance it could end up terminating the policy for failing to pay premiums and reporting the lack of coverage to the state Department of Motor Vehicles. This can hurt your credit rating and ability to get a new policy.

Make sure to get a new car insurance policy first

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