A short guide to travel insurance

Travel Insurance – A Need To Know Guide?

Travel insurance can protect vacation expenses from adverse events such as cancellations and interruptions as well as cover medical expenses property loss or damage and shipping delays.

Millions of travelers and vacationers buy some form of insurance each year but few really know what it is and how to define it. If you know what’s included and what’s not you’ll be able to take full advantage of your protections and get fair reimbursement.

There are four main types of travel insurance:

1. Health and Medical reasons

Emergency evacuation: Emergency evacuation to a local hospital is ensured if the traveler is unable to reach the local hospital on their own or return to a hospital near the traveler’s hometown. If family members are covered by the same policy they can also go home.

Medical reasons: This reimburses emergency medical and dental expenses. Almost all vacation insurance plans reimburse travelers after they pay for treatment locally. Claims are usually paid within 7-10 business days. Pre-existing conditions are covered by most policies If the policy was purchased within (up to) 21 days from the date the traveler made the first payment or deposit.

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